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We would like to show you „our Zakopane and our Tatry” – places we like, events we take part in, and trips we take each year with the family.  
These are a few ideas we share with our guests to help them make the most of their stay – a taste of what is available in Zakopane and the Tatras.


Kalatówki –zawody na starym sprzęcie

Kalatówki – races on antique skis

Every year, on Easter Monday an unusual race “for an Easter egg” takes place on old ski equipment on “Suchy Żleb” (Dry Gulley) on Kalatówki.
The participants race on wooden skis and in leather ski boots. They wear stylish ski gear obtained by searching through Zakopane attics and adding a dash of fantasy. It is a sight worth seeing!
There are two separate elements to the competition: speed and style.
The event is attended by many supporters, locals and tourists, enjoying one, long picnic.


The Five Lakes Valley – the beauty queen of the Tatra valleys

This is an excursion for a fine day when there is a lot of daylight. There is lot of hiking, but the stunning views make it well worth the effort.
The best way to reach Palenica Białczańska is by minibus. It is best to get here as early as possible (this means you get here before the crowds of tourists visiting Morskie Oko lake, and also see the valley in its full majesty and silence.)
Walk to Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza (Mickiewicz Waterfalls), and turn right onto the green hiking trail, leading through Dolina Roztoki (the Roztoka Valley). Walk along the Roztoka stream until you come to a place where you can turn left, and take a steep, winding trail to a hostel. There is a second option, hiking along the path further until you get to Wodospad Wielka Siława (Wielka Siława Waterfall). We recommend the second option, if the weather allows (the trail is closed in winter.)
When you reach Dolina Pięcu Stawów (Five Lakes Valley), enjoy the magnificent views, take a break in the hostel, take some photographs and continue the hike along the blue trail to Swistowska Czuba. As you climb, you will be able to see each lake appearing, one by one, and the valley in its full beauty. When you reach Kępy (1683m), cross to the other side, and enjoy the view of Morskie Oko and Czarny Staw lakes, and peaks such as Rysy and Mięguszowieckie Szczyty and more.

Go further along Opalony Wierch (Opalony Peak) until you reach Żleb Żandarmeri (the Gendarmerie Couloir), and then descend down a fairly steep path to an asphalt road which leads to the hostel at Morskie Oko lake. A short rest in Morskie Oko and possibly lunch, and back to Zakopane.
The trip takes about 7 hours in total and is highly recommended!

Zakopane Antique Fair – a paradise for those in search of a special something.

The antiques fair is held twice a year, at the beginning of May and in the middle of August on Plac Wolności (Freedom Square), just next to Piłsudski Park.
Collectors and antique hunters from all over Poland gather for the fair.
Beautiful porcelain, paintings, coins, jewellery, stamps and many other unique items can be admired and bought, and many auctions are held as part of the event.

International Festival of Highland Folklore

Each year in the second half of August, Highlanders from all over the world come to this Festival, and the town is filled with music and dancing.
Krupówki Street is full of colourful processions and musicians playing, inviting visitors to their performances in the festival tent at Dolna Równa Krupowej.

The Oksza Museum – a splash of culture framed by Witkiewicz.

This is the latest Zakopane museum, situated in the beautifully restored Oksza villa, which was the third to be created by Stanisław Witkiewicz, the founder of the Zakopane architectural style.
The museum’s permanent collection is made up of works by the 20th century Zakopane artistic community, including paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography.
Works by many different artists who were associated with artistic life at the foot of Giewont before the First World War are featured, including: Leon Wyczółkowski, Rafał Malczewski, Wojciech Weiss, Stanisław Gałek and Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz.

Kasprowy – a quick winter visit to the skier’s “Holy Mountain”

After a 7:30 wake-up call and a light breakfast, take a taxi or minibus to Kuźnicy, arriving at 8:30. At this time, it’s quiet, peaceful and surprisingly empty – there has not been a queue for the cable car in winter at this time for several years.
Buy 4 hour tickets and ride up to Kasprowy Wierch. From there, you can ski down Gąsienicowa back and forth, again and again (last year my 12 year old daughter and I skied down 16 times and still didn’t use up our half day passes).
The skiing conditions are excellent – empty, smooth and in the beautiful surroundings of the peaks of the Tatras.

Kalatówki – zawody na starym sprzęcie

Dolina Pięciu Stawów Polskich – Miss tatrzańskich dolin

Zakopiańskie Targi Staroci – raj dla poszukujących „czegoś“

Festiwal Folkloru Ziem Górskich

Muzeum „Oksza“ – łyk kultury w witkiewiczowskiej oprawie

Monte Giewont – najlepszy o świcie

Kasprowy – szybki zimowy wypad na Świętą Górę narciarzy

Nosal – Dol. Olczyska – pomysł na poranną przebieżkę

Antałówka – dobry pomysł na powitanie dnia

Gazdówka – uczta dla podniebienia w góralskiej oprawie

Wiktorówki i Rusinowa Polana – dobry pomysł na niedzielę