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What can we do on a rainy day?

Often, when the weather in the Tatras is bad, we wonder „what can we do on a rainy day?” Damp weather doesn’t have to spoil your holiday plans or limit your excursions to walking up and down a wet and crowded Krupówki.

If the weather is bad, consider a trip to Jaskina Bielskiej (Bielska Cave) – one of the longest and most beautiful caves in the Tatras. The cave is in Slovakia, about 20 minutes from the former border crossing at Łysa Polana (about 40 km in total from the centre of Zakopane.)

Jaskinia Bielska

Jaskinia Bielska

Drive towards Tatrzańska Łomnica, passing through Żdiar, until you reach Kotlina Tatrzańska. Park there and walk up a forest trail about 25 minutes until you reach the entry to the cave.

In the cave, you can see beautifully lit sinter waterfalls, stalagmites, lakes and all kinds of cave features. One of the main attractions is the Hudobna Sień Komora Śpiewana (Singing Chamber). The chamber gets its name from the sounds produced by drops of water falling on the surface of the lake. The chamber has exquisite acoustics, and is often used as a concert hall for classical music. Other places worth visiting are: Komora Wysoka (the High Chamber), Komora Wodospadowa (the Waterfall Chamber) and Sala Palmowa (the Palm Room).

Visiting the cave takes about 70 minutes in total, it is 1370m long and 125m high. Entry is 8 euro for adults, 4 euro for children from 6-15 years old, and 7 euro for pensioners. The temperature inside the cave is between 5.0 and 6.3 degrees Celsius, so remember to dress warmly. While there, I recommend visiting Tatrzańska Łomnica, which lies at the foot of Łomnica (2634 metres above sea level), one of the highest points in the Tatras, and Stary Smokowiec.

I hope this trip will make a lasting holiday memory!